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The wheel of life keeps turning. We and our children will all age. For the sake of family unity, I want to help dignify your parent's life as they age. After a very successful career in business, I watched my father spend his last years in a foster home. It was quite a painful experience. I want to be your advocate, so I can help you alleviate the helplessness I felt long ago - a legacy I want to leave for my own children.

A good cause will fuel my determination.10 years ago, my sister, with all good intentions and concern, approached me regarding the welfare of our mother. Our mother had been working for over 45 years as an Art Teacher for the City of Montreal. For many years, she had been teaching 6 days a week. There had been newspaper articles written about her, a television show, exhibitions etc.... She had slowed down over the years, yet was living at home and still very active; all things considered. People age, issues arise and my sister thought it may be time to consider a residence. I assessed the situation with my sister and suggested we keep "a closer eye" on our mother. If the time comes, we can find an appropriate residence. Let's not go there yet.

10 years later - my mother still lives at home, teaches twice a week, organizes exhibitions, drives her own car and buys groceries. All with minimum attention. My mother is 87 years old.




    Amy Leitner


    Graduate certificate from Agence Ometz for Seniors Training Program that included:
    - Core training in Alzheimer Care
    - Certificate from Alzheimer Society
    - Stage at residence
    - Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and other dementias
    - Daily living with Alzheimer's
    - Role and responsibilities of Personal Support Worker
    - Ethics and professionalism
    - Mental health
    - Ageism - societal discrimination
    - Frail elderly
    - Delirium
    - Elder abuse
    - Working with elderly holocaust survivors
    - Fall prevention
    - Activities for seniors
    - Confidentiality
    - Dealing with families


    Community and Professional

    - Former First Treasurer and Board Member - Dawson College Foundation
    - Executive Director of Canadian Associates of Ben Gurion University - Montreal
    - Cummings Center for Seniors
    - Teaching English as a 2nd language
    - Private business sector

    Additional Academic Background

    - McGill University - BA
    - McGill University MBA 1 Courses - Macroeconomics and Marketing
    - Project Management Program
















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Our goal is to help children feel secure in the knowledge that the well being of their parent is being looked after professionally. Our services do not receive other payments directly or indirectly from third parties except and only from the families we work for.
Please call me or If you prefer, use the email mail form to inquire.

I look forward to our meeting and helping your family secure a better path throughout this important stage of life.

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